The Library Committee

The university-wide Library Committee meets quarterly to address library service issues from the users’ perspective and works with library administration to get input from faculty, students, and staff concerning proposed changes in library policies and practices. Faculty who serve on this committee have a “global perspective” about services the library may be willing to provide and become involved in committee projects.

Dr. Brian Parker, School of Medicine-Department of Emergency Medicine, is the chair of the UT Health San Antonio Library Committee for 2023-2024.


To serve in a consultative and advisory capacity to the President and Vice President for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs and to work with and assist the Executive Director of Libraries in making recommendations for library practices and procedures. To review and advise in the development of priorities in the areas that have an impact on academic efficiency and effectiveness to ensure that the services provided by the library reflect the needs and interests of the academic community.

Committee Members

Term expires August 31, 2024

Katkar, Rujuta (Dentistry)
Singh, Achint (Dentistry)
Weintraub, Susan (Medicine)
Whang, Kyumin (Dentistry)

Term expires August 31, 2025

Ali, Fozia Akhtar (Medicine)
Ojili, Vijayanadh (Medicine)
Quinene, Meredith (Health Professions)

Term expires August 31, 2026

Blader, Joseph (Medicine)
McGlothen, Kelly (Nursing)
*Parker, Brian (Medicine)
Stevens, Kathleen (Nursing)

Ex Officio (non-voting)

Cartee, Brian (Assistant Vice President, Information Management & Services)
Mok, Jacqueline (Vice President, Academic, Faculty & Student Affairs; Interim Senior Director, Library)